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5 Remote Video Solutions

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

This month has seen some drastic changes in the way we're thinking about work. With 'social distancing' threatening our plans for big events, stunts, festivals, and video shoots, here are a few ideas to keep your brand active online.

1. Pre-existing footage

Finding (and clearing) pre-existing YouTube footage is not only an authentic and engaging way to tell stories, but is actually quite a straightforward process. I edited together this simple film from YouTube footage, and it resonated so much that it trended on release and helped British Cycling encourage 1 million more women on their bikes.

2. Motion Graphics

Creating illustrations and animating them into a short video like this one is a great way to make video without even leaving the house or office. I created this television commercial for My Car Check in just this way. It's a simple process, and the work in progress can be easily shared and collaborated on remotely.

3. Product Shots

With all the kit at home, including lighting, backdrops, and good lifestyle scenes around the house, there's no reason why you can't create compelling product shots, cinegraphs, or gifs, right from home. All you need to do is send your product/props to us and we can create whatever you're looking for. Here's a How-To video I made earlier:

4. Stock video

'Stock' can be a dirty word to some filmmakers, but bringing in stock video can be a cheap and quick way to add something extra to your pre-existing footage. To promote British Cycling's Track World Cup in Glasgow we pulled together an entire brand just using stock video of Glasgow, some pre-existing race footage, and creative brand graphics.

5. Your mobile

Camera phones are incredibly these days, and using your own material, a bit of editing skill, and a good sense of story, we can give your audience and authentic behind the scenes peek at your brand. Check out this one from Mining company MTS.

With a bit of creative thinking there are hundreds of ways to approach remote video creation, including cinegraphs, paralax, greenscreen, animation and all of the above (and all at once!) so get in touch for a quote or a chat about ideas, and let me help you keep the wheels turning.

For quotes and chat get in touch!

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