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Could live-streaming be your next best move?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

As we start to face up to the inevitability of 'social distancing', local businesses like gyms are starting to get nervous. But could live streaming actually prove to be a way to not only turn that around but also get your gym profiting through the crisis and beyond?

Live stream from your gym

A livestream set-up is simple to install at your site. With the right camera, lighting, laptop and video streaming software, we can get your gym classes online immediately. Whether you want to buy or rent the equipment, we can help you get the gear you need to make you and your gym look great, and have it set up and maintained. And the best news is live-streaming capabilities have improved while prices have dropped, so it needn't cost you a fortune to have a go.

Keep providing classes no matter what

Running your classes live online will keep your members paying for their membership if they have to self-isolate, and keep them fit and happy all through the crisis. No matter what happens next, you can keep them joining into the classes from home, with body-weight workouts adapted to home set-ups, and allow them to keep enjoying and feeling a part of the all-important culture you create at your gym.

Gain new Digital Subscribers

The future is bright with live streaming. Getting the service online for self-isolators is one thing, but what about those of us who just can't make every class? If we can log in and follow the class on-demand at a time to suit us then this could be a service that just makes your gym even more competitive and convenient than the next one. And once you open up the opportunity for new digital subscribers to join you on a regular basis, they could tune in from all over the world. Growing your gym by going online could be the best thing that ever happened to you!

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